Lifestyle and Anorexia Nervosa

Modern living is so complicated, dynamic, fast and challenging. This is the kind of world we are in, thus, we have to face the consequences in whatever we do and say.

Take a look at yourself first and try to feel what is within you. How is your day? Are you feeling alright? Or, are you feeling something you cannot explain?
Are you fat or skinny? Are you popular and famous?

There are so many questions but all these can be capsulized into a single question: Are you healthy?

We should be healthy and be happy. But, when you start to dislike food and your desire to eat is lost, then, you should be careful.

Your eating disorder maybe due to some reasons only you can tell. May be you fear to gain weight to maintain your beautiful figure. Maybe you feel fat and not attractive. Maybe you wanted to maintain your model image. Maybe you wanted to impress your girl friend or boyfriend. Maybe you feel unacceptable or lovable in the society you are in.

These reasons are biological, social and psychological which greatly influence your personality, emotion and eating regulation. The worst thing to realize later on is, you already have anorexia nervosa.

Maintaining your physical figure may lead you to voluntary starvation, excessive exercise, weight control measures- diet pills etc. until it is too late to realize that you are already sick.

Try to diagnose yourself. Do you use extreme measures to lose weight by throwing up, taking pills to urinate and have bowel movement, eating less or not eating at all, so conscious in counting calories taken in or weighing food? Are you overly conscious about thinking fat, moody and even keeping away from friends?

When you lose appetite, weak, very thin and haggard after what you have done to stay slim and skinny, then, do not think twice. See your doctor.

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